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Causes of water seepage in toilets and maintenance methods

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Faced with the many problems of houses, it is impossible to solve them every time after the repairman arrives. Usually during the waiting process, there will be large-scale leakage and other conditions, which may cause damage to other spaces in the home. At this time, it is necessary to have someone in the family who can repair using the ptfe tape for water pipes and other tools.



1. Reasons for leakage

The bathroom is a necessary space for home life. The connection of many plumbing facilities in the bathroom is likely to cause leakage. In addition, if the water pipe is used for too long, leakage will occur. When the leakage happens, the plumbers tape on toilet supply line is always needed.


Common causes of leakage in toilets:

There is no good connection between the flush toilet and the drainage pipe, causing water to be stored on the ground when the toilet is sitting;

When sanitary wares such as integrated bath heaters and taps are installed, they will leak when they are loose in use;

Floor drain leakage;

Insufficient waterproof height causes leakage on the bathroom wall and mildew stains on the wall.

Different leakage conditions will bring troubles to daily life.


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2. Maintenance method of faucet

If you encounter water leakage in the bathroom, you must first identify the leakage point, conduct careful observation, and repair the leakage in different locations. If you encounter a leak in the bathroom bathtub faucet or sink faucet, then temporarily close the water inlet valve to prevent the tap faucet from continuing to flow, and then bind it with home materials. If there is plumbing pipe sealant, you can use pipe sealant ptfe tape. Wrap the thread buckle of the tap and tighten the pipe tape for water leaks.



3. Repair method for water seepage of toilet and wall

If the toilet is leaking, close the drain of the toilet, and then put the rubber pipe connection sealant or plumbers joint tape on the toilet; if you encounter a leak in the bathroom wall decoration, then apply a penetrating waterproofing agent to the joints of the tiles. If using these simple methods is still not good, then it is recommended to find a repairer for on-site help.



4. Repair method for water leakage of waterproof layer

If the toilet leaks, you must first find out the specific cause of the leak. If the waterproof layer is leaking, you need to remove the original tiles, clean the base surface, level the ground with cement mortar, and then do further waterproofing. The wall height of the waterproof treatment should be about 30cm to better prevent the toilet from leaking.


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5. Repair method for water leakage in upper and lower water pipes

If it is the problem of water leakage in the upper and lower water pipes, and the water pipes are underground, you need to consider paving the tiles for waterproofing, during which a plastic water tank leakage tape is in need. If the drain is leaking, you must also find the location of the leak, and then determine to plane some bricks to solve it according to the situation. It is not necessary to plane all of them.



6. Common precautions

There are many things that need to be paid attention to when repairing the toilet by yourself. Most importantly, the plumbers tape for leaking pipes should be prepared. If you use waterproofing agent to maintain the bathroom walls yourself, you need to wear gloves when using it, especially for people who are prone to skin allergies. In addition, when using wall decoration coatings, you need to clarify the drying time required.


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