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Classification of tape

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Adhesive tape is a multi-layered composition composed of two parts: a substrate(such as high density threads sealing tape) and an adhesive, which serves to bond two or more unconnected objects together. The surface of the tape is usually coated with a layer of adhesive, generally a pressure-sensitive adhesive.


According to the difference of substrates, it can generally be divided into the following types.



Organic thin film substrate

Organic film: A film made of organic high molecular polymers. Ordinary thermoplastic materials can basically be used as the base material of the heat seal tape. Except for thermosetting materials with higher rigidity such as epoxy, phenolic, BT resin, etc., it is not suitable to be used as a substrate.



Common uses of organic film

PP film: commonly used as the base material of sealing tape;

PVC film: commonly used as the base material of electrical insulation tape on cable film;

PET film: often used in industrial tape;

PI film: commonly used in industrial tape;

PE film: commonly used as medical easy-tear tape;

PTFE sealing tape: it is high heat teflon tape. There are some internal differences. The most common one on the market now uses glass fiber cloth as the core material, coated with Teflon resin on both sides; the uncommon one is direct PTFE film formation, divided into partial fluorine and perfluorinated. It can be the best tape for sealing water leaks.



Organic polymer elastomer substrate

Compared with organic films, elastomer substrates provide stronger compression and tensile properties. For example, there are now easy-pull tapes of PU system or rubber system, and the tensile properties of pure acrylic system are also very strong.



Non-woven fabric/flannel substrate

Non-woven fabric/flannel type substrate can be regarded as the secondary processing of organic film (including PTFE film tape). Although the nature of the material has not changed, the change in the external form makes the non-woven/flannel base material have the following advantages compared with the film base material: strong air permeability; strong heat preservation; elasticity and elasticity; light and soft.


Non-woven fabrics are mainly made of PP and PET, some of which are also made of PE, PA and PVC.



Foam type substrate

Foam-based substrates can still be regarded as the secondary processing of organic film/elastomer materials. The nature of the material has not changed, but the form has changed. Foam-based substrates have the following advantages: shock-resistant cushioning, long-lasting elasticity; high temp sealant; excellent sealing performance, lightweight.


22-1-pipe thread sealant


Paper substrate

Paper substrates are generally called tissue paper, which is made of tough fibers provided by bark or hemp. The main characteristics are good toughness, easy tearing, and good manual operability. Now it is mainly divided into three categories:


Ultra-thin tissue paper tape: common tissue paper such as TESA 4982 tape has the same surface on both sides, the color of it is usually slightly brown.


Paint masking adhesive: a protective tape commonly used in paint segmentation/color separation construction. One side is smooth and the other is uneven (folded). This type of tape is also called masking tape, usually slightly brown.


Custom sealing tape for decoration: often used for item identification, the general color is white, now there are many printing styles, which will print color labels with various graphics and text.



Metal substrate

Metal substrates are generally coils obtained by calendering or electrolysis of various metal ingots through different processes, and calendering processes are generally used. The biggest advantage of using metal-based substrates is the conductivity of metals, so they are mainly used to produce conductive tapes.


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