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What are the applications of PTFE?

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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is one of the most widely used fluoropolymers at present, which is the most resistant to chemical corrosion, ptfe extruded film tape has the best dielectric properties and a wide working temperature range, and is called "the king of plastics". PTFE has a series of application advantages such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, high lubrication, non-adhesion, good compatibility with human body and good electrical insulation.


However, PTFE also has its own shortcomings, such as cold flow, large linear expansion coefficient, poor thermal conductivity, wear resistance, creep resistance and outstanding surface tack, etc. Since the properties of ptfe teflon film are so special, what fields are PTFE usually used in?



Chemical field


PTFE is neither dissolved nor swelled in any known liquid, so the size of ptfe thin film will not change in any corrosive medium no matter how long they are used. Large thin-walled containers made of PTFE are widely used in laboratories and factories using corrosive liquids. In addition, extruded ptfe films are also widely used in seals, pipe linings, pumps, valves and so on.




Mechanical field


No matter what kind of mechanical equipment, the sliding surfaces need lubrication to reduce the friction coefficient, reduce the wear and heat of parts, and ensure the normal operation capability, precision and power consumption of mechanical equipment. Because of its low friction coefficient and self-lubricity, High density extruded PTFE is widely used in manufacturing bearings, piston rings, machine tool guide rails and sealing materials. However, due to its high cost, expanded ptfe membrane is usually used in precision instruments or environments that require acid and alkali resistance.



Electrical field


PTFE has excellent dielectric properties, which are not affected by temperature and frequency, but also has high thermal stability, so it has become an irreplaceable electrical insulation material, especially in high frequency, high temperature and wet environment.


Nowadays, various forms of PTFE materials play an important role in the field of electrical and electronic insulation. PTFE glass lacquered cloth and glass cloth are used to make high-temperature and high-frequency insulation materials, which can be used in satellite communication and computers; PTFE insulation film is used to make capacitors, as insulation layer, gasket and cable between instruments; PTFE thin-walled tubes with different diameters are used for outgoing line sleeves, heat shrinkable tubes, spiral tubes, insulated water diversion pipes of generators, etc.



Building field


PTFE membrane structure is a brand-new architectural structure, which integrates architecture, structural mechanics, fine chemical engineering, materials science and computer technology, and ptfe teflon film has high technical content.


By coating PTFE resin on superfine glass fiber fabric, PTFE film material has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, fire resistance, good self-cleaning, no influence of ultraviolet rays, fatigue resistance, distortion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, high light transmittance and little heat absorption. It is precisely because of the invention of this trans-era membrane material that the membrane structure building becomes a modern permanent building.


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Medical field


ptfe thin film has water resistance, physiological inertia and non-viscosity, so it is used in many tissue repair materials and artificial organ materials, such as artificial blood vessels, heart repair membranes and so on. Moreover, the greatest advantage of PTFE is that it can be sterilized by any method, and it will not denature when heated under high pressure or treated with various disinfectants, so it is widely used in medical instruments such as suture lines, disinfection pads and injection needles.


Ptfe sealing film is a magical material, and it has more potential to be tapped. Practitioners of new materials should not only be familiar with the characteristics of materials, but also maximize their characteristics to provide various possibilities for our better life.

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