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Some Applications of PTFE

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With the progress of science and technology, the equipment made of traditional corrosion-resistant nonmetallic materials is becoming more and more perfect, and new corrosion-resistant nonmetallic materials are constantly emerging. In the wave of developing new corrosion-resistant products with new technologies and materials, teflon film is outstanding and developing rapidly. PTFE has high chemical stability and many excellent characteristics, so it is an ideal manufacturing material. In fact, Teflon started with Manhattan Project, because Teflon is needed to protect possible leaks on nuclear bombs. People learn more about LD PTFE films from the non-stick pan in the kitchen. However, there are many interesting applications of PTFE.



Ski binding


Snowboard is an indispensable prop in skiing, and the binding on snowboard should not only fix the feet on snowboard, but also pull them out in time when falling. As a non-mechanical anti-friction device, thin ptfe film can effectively reduce friction, make the binding easier to come out in a certain time, and effectively protect the safety of skiers. Besides skiing binding, PTFE is also used as wax on the surface of snowboard, and the purpose of using this material is to improve skiers' speed.




Automobile industry


There is PTFE coating on the wiper of automobile. If there is no Teflon coating, the wiper will make a lot of noise in the process of rubbing against the glass. Besides reducing noise, Unsintered extruded PTFE coating can also prevent the wiper from sticking to the windshield, not only in the automobile industry, but also in other industries if there are seals, connectors and pistons.



Protection of fabrics and carpets


Unsintered PTFE-PEX films are not only used in some industries such as machinery, but also used in many soft carpets, curtains and bedding. Because Teflon has good hydrophobicity, if this substance is added to many fabric materials, the fabric can be protected from stains and cleaned easily, and Micro-pore structure Unsintered extruded PTFE can also play a waterproof role to a certain extent.




Pipe thread tape


Teflon polymer is a great change for the pipeline industry. In the past, people could only use some paste to deal with the leakage of pipelines, while the threaded pure Teflon tape of pipelines made the maintenance of pipelines more professional. The small friction of Teflon is convenient for tightening and unscrewing the pipe joint, and the form of Cured PTFE Tapes / Sheets can make the plumber use it more conveniently.



Armor piercing bullets


Some people will say that Teflon can make armor-piercing bullets pierce armor. It is not PTFE that can penetrate armor, but Low density extruded PTFE is added when making the barrel, so that the wear of brass bullets on the barrel can be reduced.


The characteristics of PTFE are very shocking, and the application of PTFE by human beings has just begun. Although we don't want to study what materials every product used in our daily life is made of, unsintered PTFE-PEX tapes have filled our lives. No matter what clothes we wear every day, cars we drive when we travel, or even armor-piercing bullets, there are traces of PTFE, which is just the beginning of human use of Teflon.

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