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What are the methods of sticking PTFE tape?

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PTFE tape can be used on various threaded pipe connections to form a watertight seal. Although it seems simple to use, it is important to follow some basic rules and use ptfe sealing tape and thread sealing tape carefully. The following method of sticking PTFE tape is for your reference.


What is PTFE tape

When it comes to plumbing work, you will inevitably need to be sealed at some point. PTFE tape is a popular choice because it is generally considered the easiest solution. In fact, PTFE tape is not so easy to use. More importantly, if it is not used correctly, the chance of the seal leaking or dripping is much higher compared to other technologies.


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The function of PTFE tape

PTFE tape can be called several different things, including plumber tape or thread sealing tape, but you will usually find the abbreviation for PTFE on the packaging, which stands for "polytetrafluoroethylene". PTFE tape is usually white, but it can have different colors. For example, yellow tape is used for gas pipelines. The tape is not sticky, but stretches around the threads to form a waterproof seal.


Its thickness varies, but it is usually 0.076 mm, 0.08 mm or 0.2 mm thick. The thickest tape can be used for large connections because it is so thick that you don't need to use too much (usually 9 or 10 turns).



Pasting steps of PTFE tape

1. Determine the connection type

The PTFE tape should be wrapped around the external thread that enters the internal thread. First determine this part of the accessory.


2. Paste PTFE tape on the joint

Check the tightening direction. It is important to stick the PTFE tape in the tightening direction (usually clockwise). In this way, when you tighten the joint, the PTFE will compress. If it is pasted in the opposite direction, the PTFE tape will loosen when the joint is tightened. Next, wrap the tape around the connection. In doing so, the tape must be tightened so that each layer overlaps the previous layer.



Now you can determine how many turns you need to make. This may be the trickiest part of using PTFE tape. The number of turns will depend on the diameter of the accessory and the type of connection. The thread pitch between different manufacturers is slightly different, you need to adjust the number of turns accordingly. For 0.2mm PTFE tape, about 9 to 10 turns are enough.


3. Tighten the joint with Teflon

Do not over-tighten the PTFE tape to prevent the threads from cutting into the tape. In some cases, it can be tightened by hand (for example, to install valves). Otherwise, please use tools suitable for your task, such as adjustable wrenches or pliers, open-end wrenches, etc.



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