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Analysis of Causes of Water Pipe Leakage

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Leakage of pipes in residential buildings often occurs, and they are all emergencies. The consequences of pipeline leaks that are not handled in time are very serious. It will endanger the safety of the house. If you live in a building, it will endanger the property safety of several resident downstairs, causing a lot of economic losses. Therefore, we must equip some basic maintenance tools at home, such as pliers, pipe thread sealing tape, plumbers joint tape, screwdriver, etc.


Have you ever wondered why the water pipe is leaking? How to repair a water leak? We found that most household leaks are caused by aging, corrosion and wear of pipelines. Although the ptfe tape on faucet supply lines can help solve the problem, analyzing the cause and finding a solution will prevent the accident from happening again. Below we have analyzed the common causes of water pipe leakage, and hope to help you.




Common causes of leaking water pipes?

In the cities where we live now, because the water supply system is really complicated, it is normal for the water pipes or fire water pipes to leak over time. In this case, we always need to deal with it with plumbers tape for leaks. Then there are many types of pipe damage, the main reasons are two types: one is man-made causes, and the other is natural causes.


Man-made causes

The main cause is construction damage. In the environment where large construction equipment can be used in road construction, trench excavation, etc., the pipeline is damaged by construction machinery due to unclear information or rough construction. If there is leakage in the pipe, use plumbing pipe sealant as soon as possible to fix it.


Natural causes

There are many types, mainly the subsidence of the foundation, sideslip, natural corrosion, damaged seals, blockages and so on. The installation method of ductile iron pipe is socket interface and rubber ring connection. Once the pipe slips or sinks, the uneven force on the pipe will cause the rubber ring to shift and cause water leakage. When the foundation sinks, PE pipes will also leak if there are hard objects such as stones underneath it. As this time, we need ptfe tape for air hose fittings. When steel pipes are buried in the ground, it is generally required to be painted for anti-corrosion. With natural corrosion, it will cause rust and cracks in the pipeline, which will cause water leakage. The inner wall of the pipeline will also corrode or rust. If the water quality is hard or the water pressure is high, the corrosion will be more serious. If other substances fall into the water pipe accidentally, it is not easy to wash away with the water flow, and the water pipe will be blocked. The consequence is that the water pressure in the water pipe rises. When the pressure is too high that the pipe wall or the seal cannot withstand it, the pipe will burst, causing sudden water leakage.


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Preventive measures for water pipe leakage

Although the leakage of water pipes has brought a lot of trouble to our lives, maintenance of water pipes is an easy task. The most important thing to prevent water pipe leakage is to use water pipes reasonably in daily life. First of all, chemical drainage cleaners cannot be used at will. If the sewer pipe is blocked, the use of chemical drainage cleaner can quickly repair it, but it will cause greater damage to the pipeline. This is because the chemical drainage cleaner cannot tell where is the blockage and where is the pipe. Frequent use will swallow the inside of the pipeline, and eventually the pipeline will become thinner and thinner until it leaks, when ptfe tape on threads is needed.


Another point is that the sewer cannot be used as a trash can. The main cause of pipeline leakage is the loose and clogged fittings. After the pipeline is blocked, it will cause a lot of pressure on the pipe wall. When the pressure reaches a certain value, leakage will occur at the weak point of the pipeline. Many families often dump leftovers directly into the sewer. These large, hard-to-wash things are likely to cause blockage.


When water leakage occurs, plumbing thread tape is always needed to deal with the problem. If you are afraid of water pipe leakage, prepare the ptfe plumbing tape in your house. Our company is expert in the  ptfe pipe thread tape, welcome to contact with us.