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Company Profile
Founded in 2009, Foreverseal is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality PTFE tape. We are not the biggest one, but the best partner you need.  
From 2014, we have introduced automatic machines to improve the work efficiency and product quality. From mixing, calendering, stretching, slitting, rewinding and packing, our well-equipped facilities and professional quality control through all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customers’ satisfaction. 

More than 10 years development,we have a team of qualified engineers and employees, more than 80 workers. Our PTFE TAPE have obtained UL, CE, WRAS, RoHS...Stable and good quality lead us to keep long and standing business relations with old clients and get more new clients from middle & high quality markets. 
In 2019, Foreverseal has successfully upgraded from the PTFE tape to the manufacturing of high-end ePTFE film industry. We have imported of the world-class precision calender and stretching equipment; And established PTFE film test laboratory; The expert who have engaged in the Fluorine industry more than 30 years led the whole technical team, providing us a strong technical for PTFE film and guide us to the new area of PTFE products in the future!  
PTFE is a special material, lets work together to make it in a wider range of uses to fulfill the customers’ need and even the requires of the whole social development!
Case Show
We have a France customer, they required very high quality, both on product and packing. They required the tape is well-winding, clean, and without any damage. The tape is rolled on the spool, and it has a cover to protect the tape. While winding, the tape fell into the plastic basket from the winding machine, its easy to damage the tape. Also, it normally takes 1-2 hours to start the packing after winding. So, it may get dirty too. In order to meet their requirements, we arrange a worker sit besides the winding machine, and pack it once one piece of tape finish winding. And the customer are very satisfied with our goods.
We always do OEM/ODM brand for our customers. We can print customers logo on the product spool. In 2015, we always print logo and size on the spool in black words. But one of my customers needs to print colorful logo (two colors) on it. At that time, our printing machine only can print one color words. In order to meet the customers needs, and we decided to improve the printing machine. After then, we can print two color logo instead of one color.
We normally supply finished products to our customers. However, some customer needs to get semi-finished products from us. Because they have their own factory in their country. They dont have calender machine and stretching machine to make ptfe jumbo roll, but they have cutting machines and winding machines. So we supplied jumbo roll ptfe tape for them, they can cut the width by themselves according to their needs.
Most customers need to print logo on the spool/cover, while some customers need to put a label on the spool/cover. This requires several workers to put the label on the spool/cover manually. If the quantity is big, manual work will be much slower and make the production lead time much longer. In order to improve the work efficiency, we develop automatic labeling machine. This machine save a lot manual work, and also improve the quality of labeling.
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