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Analysis of the cause of water leakage

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According to the survey, the average daily water consumption per capita in Canada is as high as more than 300 liters. The living habits of modern people consume a lot of water, and if the pipe leaks, the monthly water bill per capita will be even higher. Another serious consequence of water leakage is that it may damage our houses. Therefore, it is a very urgent need to analyze the causes of water leakage. Usually, we can use pipe sealant ptfe tape, or pipe tape for water leaks to fix the problem.



Water leakage caused by pipeline corrosion


Under normal circumstances, the piping system will not be replaced until decades after installation. During the failure, it is just a repair with teflon thread sealant. The water will contain impurities, which will cause corrosion to the pipeline. In the production process of the pipeline, we can insulate the metal pipe to maintain its durability. However, it cannot completely prevent the occurrence of pipeline corrosion. The pinholes formed after the pipeline is corroded will gradually become leakage points.


26-1-pipe sealant ptfe tape

The main factor affecting pipeline corrosion is the pH value of the water. The recommended pH value is 6.5 to 8.5. Too high or too low will accelerate the corrosion of the pipeline. It is also very convenient to test the pH value. You can go to the hardware store to buy some pH test papers and operate it yourself. If the measured value is not in the recommended value, then you need to install a water treatment device. Of course, if the leakage does occur, the water pipe sealant can help solve it for a period of time.



Leaking toilet

Leaking toilets is a very common phenomenon. We often encounter that we haven't touched the valve of the toilet tank, but it is flowing quietly. 20% to 35% of all residential toilets are leaking. There are many reasons for toilet leaks, but they have not attracted enough attention. When we face this problem, we can use the plumbers tape on toilet supply line.


If there is a flushing sound in the toilet, the cause of the toilet leaking is a damaged baffle or a leaking flush valve seal.


If you smell the toilet, the leaking toilet may be caused by damage to the gasket under the toilet. Make sure that the toilet is installed firmly, loosening will cause damage to the seal. Usually check whether the screws and bolts are rusty and whether the bottom of the toilet is moldy. We can try to fix the toilet with the help of the Ptfe Thread Seal Tape.



Water pipe joint leaking

This situation is usually a minor problem, and it will not be difficult to deal with it. That's because the connection between the water pipe and the faucet is not well connected, so you can easily solve it by yourself. Just wrap the plumbers joint tape on the thread of the pipe and tighten the plumbers tape for leaking pipes.


26-2-pipe sealant ptfe tape


Clogged drainage pipe

Some of the garbage generated in our daily life, the hair that fell from the bath, etc. will stick to the pipe wall and not be washed away by the water. The accumulation over time has caused the pipe wall to decrease, and the most serious case is the burst of the water pipe. If you accidentally drop large objects such as wood into the drainage pipe, the water pressure will rise and the pipeline will also be damaged.



Water pressure is too high

Our daily water supply pressure cannot be too high, especially in some old communities. Because the pipeline system has been corroded and aged, it cannot withstand too much pressure. High water pressure can severely damage your pipeline. Your average water pressure should be 60 psi, and your piping system is designed to withstand the maximum pressure of 80 psi. Long-term operation beyond this value cannot guarantee the safety of the piping system.


Due to the various realities, such as hilly areas, or high-rise buildings or areas near fire hydrants that require high-pressure water, you need to consult with a plumber whether to install water pressure regulating equipment.


Now we have known the causes of water leakage and the importance of the pipe thread tape. Our company offer the plumbers tape for leaks with excellent quality, welcome to contact with us.