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Analysis on the Causes of Water Pipe Leak

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Leaking water pipes is an easily overlooked problem. The reason is that most of the non-struggling water pipes are buried in the ground or hidden in the wall. However, the damage of water pipe leakage is really great, which can cause structural damage, electrical failure and mold production. Maintenance difficulty and maintenance cost are very high, and failure to find out in time will bring considerable economic losses to enterprises and families. We recommend every house prepares pipe thread seal tape to help solve the leakage.


So, from what appearances can you tell whether the water pipe is leaking? After the water pipe leaked, first of all, when we were using water, the water flow was obviously reduced, and there was a musty smell in the room. I know that the water pipe is leaking, but the leak is not so easy to find (there are too many indoor pipes). Below we will analyze the major causes of water leakage in the water pipes, and hope to help you find it and fix it with pipe thread sealant for water.



1. Excessive pressure

A sudden increase in water pressure will exert too much pressure on the pipe wall, and the pipe wall will rupture at a weak location and cause the pipe to leak. If this happens in the main pipeline outdoors, it will cause a large area of water cut and affect normal life.


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2. Drain pipe failure

Consequences will lead to pipeline leakage and pipe bursts. This requires us to pay enough attention to the drainage ditch and clean it frequently to prevent materials that may cause blockage from entering the drainage ditch.



3. Excessive temperature difference

We all know the thermal expansion and contraction of matter. If the pipeline is in a rapid change of ambient temperature, frequent changes of the pipeline between expansion and contraction can easily cause the water pipe to rupture and leak water. Especially the sudden rise from extremely low temperature to extremely high temperature will cause great damage to the pipe. Once you find a sharp change in temperature, quickly find measures to solve the problem.


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4. Pipe joints—weak links

The pipe connection is the weakest link in the entire system and is most prone to failure. Because the pipeline system generally has to work for many years before it is considered for replacement. Then, if the pipe joints are not specially installed during the installation process, leakage accidents often occur after a certain number of years of use. During the installation process, we can choose to use pipe thread sealant tape, or plumbers ptfe tape, which can seal the threads of the joints well and effectively prevent leakage. How to judge whether the pipeline is leaking? Just listen carefully, especially if there is too much noise in the pipe when using hot water. Luckily, when you find this problem, plumbers thread seal tape, such as ptfe pipe thread tape can help you deal with it.



5. Bad hose connection

Water heaters, washing machines and other equipment need to use hoses. The hose is easy to loosen, especially the hose of the washing machine. During the working process of the washing machine, the vibration of the body can easily cause the loosening of the hose, and leakage will occur. You will intuitively see the water flowing out of the pipe. The ptfe plumbers tape may also help in this case.


Now we can understand why we should always prepare the ptfe seal tape in the house. The ptfe sealing tape is really useful when your pipe leaks. If you want to but the pipe thread tape, welcome to contact with us.