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Common PTFE Coated Sealing Tape Size

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Expanded PTFE film, also known as PTFE sealing tape, soft teflon sealing cord or teflon elastic tape, is a pure white PTFE product. It has soft quality and is flexible. It is a kind of peculiar sealing material made by unique processing technology, with very good flexibility, compression resilience, creep resistance, chemical resistance, low friction coefficient and high tensile strength. It is non-aging, non-toxic, non polluting, easy to cut and use, which brings great convenience to the on-site repair.



1. Applicable Equipment

Universal sealing tape  



2. Applicable Industries

The application of sealing industry production line, such as chemical industry, food, medicine, high purity products. 


 49-1-expanded PTFE film

3. Applicable Media

Resistant to all chemical media (except fluorine and molten alkali metals)  



4. Specification of Expanded Teflon Tape  


Thickness: 1.5mm-10mm

Length: 5mm-30m  

Special specifications or various non-standard PTFE films can be made according to customer requirements.



5. Technical Parameters of Expanded Teflon Tape

Pressure: 6.5MPa  

Temperature: -100℃~+280℃  

PH range: 0~14  

Density: 0.6-1.2g/cm3



6. Method of Use

Clean and dry the sealing surface. Select a certain width of PTFE thread seal tape, tear off the adhesive tape protection paper and stick the sealing tape on the outer edge of the sealing surface. The two ends overlap at a bolt and more than 2cm shall be left outside the intersection point (Note: The two ends must be crossed and overlapped when it is used on flat flange. It can be applied on grooved flange and overlapped in parallel for more than 2cm.). Close the corresponding sealing surface, tighten the bolts evenly and the cross part of both ends will be pressed to the same thickness as other parts. There is no leakage at the cross parts.



7. Advantages

(1) Good Sealing Performance

The sealing tape is highly compressible and can adapt to various complex shapes on site. It is easy to fill the cavity and groove on the sealing surface, plug the interface leakage and has the characteristics of rebound expansion under the action of tension. Therefore, the higher the internal medium pressure is, the greater the sealing force will be. This is the most magical characteristic of teflon tape.


(2) Easy to Use

It is easy to use and no waste of edges. Cut a section of the required length of teflon sealing tape. As long as the two ends are overlapped, a sealing ring of any size and shape can be formed.


49-2-teflon tape

(3) Durability

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance. The specially processed sealing tape is endowed with good creep resistance and long-term safety performance in a wide temperature range. It is highly reliable.


(4) Cleanness

Teflon sealing tape is white PTFE products, because it will not be corroded and aging, so it will not fall off and pollute the contact fluid. In addition to metal sodium, it can withstand all chemical media and will not change when it is boiled in aqua regia.


(5) Economical and Cost-effective

As long as the two ends of the PTFE thread tape are crossed and overlapped, a sealing ring of a certain specification can be formed and there is no waste. Few specifications of 100% PTFE thread seal tape can meet the daily requirements. And a wide range of specifications of shaped sealing gasket need to be cut or punched by hand, which takes a lot of materials and labor, so of course the cost is high. In addition, due to the long service life and less maintenance times of PTFE seal tape, it is more economical and cost-effective.

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