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Common Problems of PTFE Membrane

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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a kind of polymer, which is made by polymerization of PTFE as a monomer. It is white waxy, translucent, with excellent heat and cold resistance, can be used in -180 ~ 260 ° C for a long time.


Ptfe film

Ptfe film, also is known as PTFE membrane, Teflon membrane. Expanded ePTFE film is made of suspended polytetrafluoroethylene resin through molding, sintering and cooling into a blank, then turning and calendering. The film formed by turning is a non-directional film, and the non-directional film becomes oriented film after calendering.


PTFE film roll can be used in capacitor dielectric, wire insulation, electrical instrument insulation.


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Common Problems


1. Is the PTFE membrane an organic membrane?

Ptfe sealing film is an organic material, organic film.


2. How high temperature the PTFE membrane can withstand?

The PTFE wraping film maintains excellent mechanical properties in a wide temperature range of -196 to 260°C. One of the characteristics of perfluorocarbon polymers is that they are not brittle at low temperatures.


3. What is PTFE microporous membrane?

The expanded ptfe microporous membrane is produced by advanced biaxial stretching technology and has a unique microporous structure.


Features: breathable and impermeable, large air permeability, low resistance, high particle retention rate, good temperature resistance, resistance to strong acids, alkalis, organic solvents and oxidants, aging resistance and non-stickiness, non-flammability and non-toxicity, biocompatibility, etc.


Applications: medicine, electronics, chemicals, food, cement, metallurgy, energy, clothing, etc.



Technical process

PTFE resin, pigment → mixing → compression molding → sintering → cooling → turning non-directional film → calendering semi-directional film.


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The use of PTFE membrane

Clear teflon film is suitable for the insulation of capacitor dielectrics, special cables, wire insulation, electrical and instrument insulation and sealing gaskets. It can also be used as non-stick tape, sealing tape, mold release and heat insulation materials. It is widely used in light industry, military industry, aerospace, oil field and other fields.


With the continuous development of material application technology, the three major shortcomings of polytetrafluoroethylene film (PTFE) materials: cold flow, difficult to weld, and difficult to melt. These shortcomings are gradually being overcome, making it useful in optics, electronics, and medicine. , petrochemical oil transportation anti-seepage and other fields. It has broader application prospects.


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