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Countermeasures for pipeline leakage

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What to do if there is a leak in the water pipe? We usually use different types of tape to repair. Due to the wide application of tape in pipelines, most plumbers have been using plumbers tape for leaks to repair pipeline leaks. We must choose the appropriate plumbing pipe sealant according to actual needs and use it correctly.



Definition and classification of pipeline leak-proof tape

The most commonly used pipe leak-proof tapes are pipe thread seal tape and silicone tape. Adhesive tape is available in hardware stores. However, the applications of the two are different, so you should pay attention to it before use.


Pipe thread tape

There are many names for pipe thread tape, such as "pipe thread sealing tape", "ptfe pipe sealant tape", "Teflon tape" or "plumbing thread tape". Its function is to form a watertight seal between the plumbing joints, and to make the joints smoother to facilitate subsequent threading construction. The use of pipe thread tape also makes it easier to disassemble during maintenance.


27-1-pipe thread seal tape

Silicone tape

Silicone tape is also called "self-adhesive tape" or "self-melting tape". The origin of these nicknames is that the silicone tape is self-adhesive. Silicone tape only sticks to itself, not to pipes. If you find that the pipeline is leaking, you can wrap it with silicone tape to form a reliable waterproof temporary seal.



Application of pipeline leak-proof tape

We have already introduced the application of pipe leak-proof tape above. The teflon thread sealant and silicone tape in the classification have very different applications. The two applications cannot be used interchangeably. Silicone tape cannot effectively solve the problem of joint pipeline leakage. Therefore, do not use silicone tape on joint pipelines. Therefore, we must clearly remember the scope of use of each tape. Use pipe thread tape on leaking joints; use silicone tape on leaks in the pipe itself.


27-2-pipe thread seal tape


How to use pipeline leakage tape?


How to use pipe thread tape for joint leakage?

If the pipe joints are leaking, repair them with ptfe tape for water lines to replace the worn seals between the joints. Before operation, close the valve first, and then unscrew the pipe joint. Remove the worn seal ring and wrap the ptfe tape for water pipes. Also pay attention when wrapping the ptfe tape for pipe, and wrap it on the thread in the direction opposite to the direction in which it is screwed back into the pipe. Start from the bottom and wrap it a few more times. In order to ensure that the tape and the thread can be closely attached, so that no leakage occurs at the pipe connection. In order to ensure safety, it is necessary to test at the end to ensure that it is foolproof.


There are cracks and leaks in the pipeline, how to stop the leakage with silicone tape?

If you find a leak in the pipeline, first determine the leak point. After finding all leaks, shut off the water source. Then take a rag to wipe clean the water in the area near the pipe. At this time, use silicone tape to wrap the pipe including the leak point, and wrap it several times. And it is necessary to wrap an extra area near the leakage point to ensure that the seal is tight and no leakage occurs.