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Did You Use Ptfe Tape Correctly?

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Ptfe sealing tape is a common thing in our daily life. It is a must-have product for plumbers master during the renovation of water and electricity, and it is often used in the later installation of sanitary ware. Every family should have to prepare one pipe sealant ptfe tape for emergencies.


Ptfe plumbers tape is often used in the joints of plumbing pipe fittings and is wound on the threads for sealing. The method of use is very simple, but if it is used incorrectly, it will lead to poor sealing and leakage.


Classification of PTFE tape

The difference between the oil ptfe pipe tape and the oil-free ptfe belt lies in the strength and weakness of the seal. The oil-free raw material belt has general sealing performance and is only suitable for ordinary pipe interfaces.


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The oily ptfe sealant tape has strong sealing performance and is suitable for various fields such as gas, aerospace, electric power, chemical industry, medicine, electronics, machinery and so on. Here we focus on the oil-free ptfe plumber tape used in plumbing pipe fittings.



Correct wrapping method

Water pipe line seal tapes are used by professionals. Non-professionals often encounter similar problems when using them, such as: how to wrap it? How many turns can be wound firmly without leaking? Some masters who install sanitary ware are not so professional. The previous hydropower renovation projects are very standardized, and the quality of the pipes is not problematic, but water leakage is unavoidable. The problem is caused by the installation masters who have not been trained in professional systems.


There are some steps which may help a lot.


1. When using pipe thread tape, you need to wind along the thread direction. If it is reversed, the sealing performance will be greatly reduced. 

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2. You must not wrap all threads with special ptfe tape, in addition to avoiding the tape from entering the pipe, it will also reduce the sealing performance. It is recommended to start winding from the second thread at the beginning of the thread, leaving the first thread out.


3. When winding the waterproof Ptfe Thread Seal Tape, a little force is required to ensure that the tape is wound without being broken. The ptfe tape wound in this way is tight and firm enough to ensure airtightness.

4. The thickness of the back half of the wound ptfe tape should be larger, that is, the front is thinner and the back is thicker, so as to ensure that the screw thread is tightened and the sealing performance is increased.


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