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Do You Know Thread Sealing Tape?

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Thread sealing tape can also be called PTFE tape or plumber sealing tape which is a film tape made of polytetrafluoroethylene material. It is usually used for pipes and pipes to seal pipe threads. The pipe thread sealant is cut to a specific width and wound on the spool, so that it is easy to wind the pipe thread. Ptfe Thread seals are lubricated to secure the thread deeper and help prevent the thread from getting stuck when loosened. The tape is also used as a deformable filler and thread lubricant to help seal the joint without stiffening or making it harder to tighten, rather than making it easier to tighten.


Typically, the teflon tape on threads is wound around the thread of the pipe three times before being tightened into place. It is commonly used commercially in applications including pressurized water systems, central heating systems and air compression equipment.


Temperature range

-268°C to + 260°C (-450°F to + 500°F). The PTFE is completely stable at +260˚C (500˚F). Decomposition is slow at temperatures up to 400°C (750°F). Decomposition occurs when exposed to an open flame.



White thread sealing tape is the most common in plumbing applications, but it is also available in various colors. There exists other tapes with various color such as pink ptfe tape, yellow ptfe tape, green ptfe tape, gray ptfe tape. They often applied in various applications.  


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Thread tape is suitable for tapered threads with wedge-shaped sealing force. You need to apply the PTFE thread seal tape along the thread direction to the pipe. Parallel threads may not be able to seal effectively with tape, and gaskets are usually the alternative. And threaded sealing tape is almost all the need for manual paste.


PTFE tape is also commonly used to stretch body holes by a method called tapping,  because it is inert and safe. The wearer wraps the layers of tape around the plug to gradually increase the size, which in turn increases the size of the perforation.


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Excessive use or wrong use of the teflon tape seal may be dangerous. Excessive use of teflon threaded tape may cause the mating threads to not fully engage, thereby reducing the thread's shear point. Combining thread sealing tape with pipe adhesive can also overload the threads. In addition, the internal overhang of the loose material may shrink the joint or fall off, forming foreign objects that may block the valve seat. Therefore, in fluid power (hydraulic) systems, the use of PTFE tape as a thread sealant is generally not considered appropriate.


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