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Do you know the pipe thread tapes?

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In our daily life, we always need a lot of things to paste some of our parts, such as our 502 glue and the glue for shoes. Each glue has different ingredients and different uses. In hospitals, it is necessary to bind the wounds of patients with adhesive tape, and some precision instruments also need adhesive tape, so today we will talk about a special kind of adhesive tape-pipeline leak liquid thread tape, which is widely used and has many functions.



Types of pipe leak tapes


In hardware stores, we generally see two different kinds of pipe leak tapes, which are suitable for pipe leak in different situations. One type is pipe ptfe teflon tape, which is generally made of PTFE, so it has very similar characteristics with PTFE. If there is a problem between your pipe joints, you can use this tape to form a sealed environment between pipes, which can not only solve the problem of pipe leak, but also make the connection between pipes very easy. Another type is silicone natural gas pipe tape, which is also called self-adhesive tape. If there are cracks on your pipe or other problems in the middle of the pipe, you can use silicone tape as a snack solution. This kind of tape can seal the cracks in the pipe and prevent the material in the pipe from flowing out.


33-1-colored sealing tape


Application of pipe leak tape


If you want to replace the worn fittings on the pipe joint with pipe ptfe thread seal tape, you should first turn off the valve of the pipe to prevent continuous leak in the subsequent work, then put a bucket under the pipe joint to pick up the residual substances in the pipe, then screw off the pipe joint, remove the worn fittings, and then wind the ptfe thread tape around the joint in the opposite direction, in order to have enough sealing environment for the pipe joint. It is best to wrap the joint several times with adhesive tape. In the process of wrapping, make sure that the custom ptfe teflon tape and thread are closely attached. After using the leak adhesive tape, screw the joint back to the pipeline, and then open the valve to check whether leak will occur again.


The use method of silicone fuel thread tape is simpler than that of threaded tape in pipeline. First, find out the part with problems in the pipeline, and also close the valve, then clean up the surface around the crack. Then, you can directly wind the silicone custom ptfe tape wholesale around the pipeline. In order to ensure adequate sealing, you can choose to wind it several times.


ptfe tape


Service life of pipe leak tape


Generally speaking, the pipe thread tape can protect the pipeline for a long time. If used properly, this tape does not need to be replaced or repaired for a long time, but the silicone custom printed sealing tape only temporarily seals the pipeline to prevent continuous leak, which is not a long-term choice. After using the silicone colored sealing tape, you should contact the plumber to repair the pipeline professionally.

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