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Do you learn about ptfe sealing tape?

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Do you learn about ptfe sealing tape? It is a commonly used auxiliary product in the installation of liquid pipelines, which is used at the joints of pipe fittings to enhance the airtightness of the joints of the pipes. Ptfe sealing tape is a novel and ideal sealing material. Because of its non-toxic, odorless, excellent sealing, insulation, and corrosion resistance, it is widely used in water treatment, natural gas, chemical, plastic, electronic engineering and other fields.


When repairing water pipes at home, waterproof PTFE tape will play a great role. White PTFE tape is often used in water pipes. And it is a common thing at home. Its texture is very soft and smooth. It can be wrapped around the water pipes, and then play a waterproof and fixed role.


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Though it looks like that warping white seal pfte tape is a simple thing, it often appears some problems. When people change the water pipe and wrap the water pipe ptfe tape, they will still find there is a little  water leakage in the later stage.


Actually ptfe tape for water is durable. If you use correctly, it can play its role for a long time. But wrapping colorful ptfe sealing tape is not as simple as winding common sealing tape. If it is just wrapped around directly, it is easy to leak. The correct winding needs to remember the following points:


1. At the beginning, you should roll the ptfe plumbers tape into thin strips, and then wrap them around the water pipe round by round. After the winding part is slightly swollen, then you can use the flat-wrap winding method. The purpose of this is to make the connection between the water pipes closer, so that the bulging part can play a role of jamming the water pipe, and waterproofing.



2. It takes a lot of force when winding, if the hand strength is not enough, the tape will easily loose causing the water leakage. Therefore, when wrapping the tape, you must wrap tightly.


3. When winding to the end, the tape needs to be cut off, and the cut part should be glued to the tape as much as possible and fixed, so as not to accidentally pull this part during installation.


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