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Guides on Using Pipe Sealing Tape

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What’s ptfe sealing tape?

Ptfe plumbers tape is made of polytetrafluoroethylene which is used to provide necessary sealing and lubrication for pipe threads. It can also be called as plumber pipe tape, tape dope. Knowing these names may help you purchase in the shop. After you know what ptfe thread tape is, you need to know how to use it.


Various colors of ptfe tape

Actually ptfe tape has many kinds of colors, ptfe tapes with various colors are designed for variant applications. The most common PTFE tape is white ptfe tape, used for basic residential pipe sealing and lubrication needs. In addition, you will also find yellow ptfe plumber tapes and blue plumber tapes, which are used for commercial or industrial applications. Due to their dual density characteristics, yellow PTFE tapes are commonly used in gas piping. However, while or blue PTFE tapes are commonly used in oxygen piping due to their triple density characteristics.


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How to use?

It is easy to use ptfe pipe thread seal tape, which just needs few steps to operate. In addition to your tape, you will also need some paper towels or rags, and some store-bought plumbing cleaners. Before looking at the steps below, you must know you should not use too much tape. You must also carefully wrap the tape. For more difficult angles, you may better use tape adhesive, which is softer and spreads more easily.


1. Firstly, you should clean the pipe. You can use some cloth to wipe the thread pipe and remove the dirt.


2. Secondly, you need to use paper towels to dry the pipe threads thoroughly, and make sure that each thread groove is dry.


26-1-pipe sealant ptfe tape

3. Thirdly, you can start wrapping tape around the pipe in the same direction from the second thread. When you work in the direction of the pipe, it is important that you use your fingers to hold the plumbers pipe tape in place. You should be careful to wrap it evenly and not to use too much tape. When you overlap around the straps, make sure to only cross one-half the width of the straps.


4. Fourthly, in the final step, you need to cut off the end of the tape and use your hands to press the tape onto the pipe threads. And you can clearly see the shape of the line.


How to buy ptfe tape?

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