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How many colors does ptfe tape have?

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When laying pipes for water or gas lines, threaded sealing tape is often used. It is usually called Teflon tape, which is actually polytetrafluoroethylene tape. But whatever you call it, it can help you a lot.


Because ptfe tape for pipe is attached to a spool, it can easily be wound around pipe threads. Not only does it act as a seal to prevent leaks, but because these things act like lubricants, they are easier to tighten the connection.


We'd like to talk about the different types of threaded tapes and when to use them, and for some of us, different colors of PTFE tape can help them better with these things.



When you're in the store looking to buy PTFE tape, you'll find that there are different colors of threaded pipe tape and even their widths are different. The fact that these different colors exist helps both the installer and the building inspector understand what the installer is using.


White ptfe tape is probably the most common type of threaded tape and is ideal for home use and DIY operation. It's a single product of density, essentially thin, that can assemble pipe threads.


Pink Sealing Tape is a triple density product designed for larger diameter water pipes. When your accessories are between 1/2 "and 2" in diameter, then you can use pink sealing tape.


Yellow ptfe tape is designed for LPG and other gas applications. You must be careful not to use white tape on any gas pipe.


In addition to the above colors, there is green ptfe tape. If you're installing pipes for oxygen pipes, such as welding or medical applications, you'll use this color of tape. It is an oil-free tape that is critical for these applications. Finally, a silver tape is reserved for stainless steel accessories.


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How to operate?

First of all, thread sealing tape is only suitable for those pipes with tapered threads. If you are using flared or compression fittings, do not try to add threaded tape or pipe paint. If (in those rare cases) you have a straight, non-threaded pipe connection, in which case the gasket is the only suitable sealing option instead of the threaded sealing tape.


Using pipe thread tape is a fairly easy skill to master. The trick is to tape the direction in which the pipe turns.


You should hold the tube in your left hand and the tape in your right. Pull a piece of tape from the spool but do not glue it on immediately. Press the free end of the tape onto the thread on the left side and hold it there with your thumb. Then pull the tape up and wrap it. You should pull the tape hard enough so that you can see the shape of the thread running through the tape, overlap the previous loop by half or two thirds, then continue down until the end of the thread wraps around the pipe.

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