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How to Choose Thread Sealing Tape?

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Teflon sealing tape, pipe dope, and anaerobic resin compounds are three common pipe sealants. According to the experience of users and product characteristics, you can choose various products to apply.  


Pipe dope

Do you know pipe dope? Pipe dope has been common in industry for decades. This material relies on a solvent carrier and will harden when the solvent evaporates. The final seal can adhere to all plastic and metal pipes and effectively prevent leakage paths.


The paint contains solvents, so as the solvents dissipate, the paint will shrink over time. This situation may cause the concentrated fluid to pull out of the thread wall or crack, resulting in leakage.


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Pipe dope is inexpensive and relatively simple to use. It is chemically compatible with all piping materials (including plastics) without conflict. Besides, it can harden quickly in use and produces a medium to strong seal. However, pipe dope may lose their effectiveness due to thermal aging. Leakages may occur when seals contract and break, especially when subjected to strong vibrations. And pipe coatings may lack sufficient solvent resistance.



Ptfe tape

The white ptfe tape can be used as a lubricant in assembling threaded parts of the ductwork system. The inherent smoothness of the material will make assembly easier. During installation, you must carefully wrap the pipe thread sealant tape around the thread or it will unravel and tear.


Teflon sealing tape can be quickly attached without causing confusion. It provides sufficient lubrication to allow pipe components to be easily assembled without damaging threads. The product is easy to carry and store , and it has a relatively long shelf life.


Because the ptfe thread tape is thin and fragile, it can tear easily when assembling and tightening the pipe. Ripped tape fragments can migrate to fluid systems, valves, screens, and filter blockages. Small teflon tape may fall off as the pipe is adjusted, creating a leak path.


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Ptfe plumber tape is widely used in plumbing and is suitable for assembly of standard water pipes and fittings. White Teflon tape is not shock-resistant and should be avoided in high pressure systems.



Anaerobic resin compounds

It does not contain chemical solvents. Curing begins when the sealant is confined within the threads of the metal pipe connection and air is removed.


Solvent-free, the cured material does not shrink or crack and retains its sealing properties even after thermal aging. Anaerobic resin compounds have excellent temperature and solvent resistance due to their chemical properties. The compound cures slowly, thus providing more time to adjust the ductwork components without damaging the seals. Once cured, these compounds form a strong seal that resists the effects of temperature, pressure, solvents, and vibration. Although the adhesive force created by some sealants makes disassembly difficult, joins sealed with anaerobic resin can be disassembled with standard hand tools.


Although these compounds are fully cured and can be used immediately for many purposes, they should be observed for 24 hours before activating a high pressure system or causing appreciable shock or vibration.