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How to Select High Quality and Effective PTFE Tape?

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With the progress and development of science and technology, the sealing parts needed for various pipeline building materials are born. Among various sealing parts, sealing tape becomes more and more important. Ptfe pipe tapes are applied in all kinds of pipeline sealing.


Usually, pipe thread seal tape is specially processed by polytetrafluoroethylene powder. It is divided into two types: degreasing (i.e. oil-free) and oil-containing. It is a new type of efficient and convenient sealing product, mainly used as a waterproof seal for threaded pipes.


Its use temperature range is generally in -180~260 ℃, the width is below 300mm, the thickness is above 0.05mm, the density is 0.2-1.55g/mg. Ptfe sealing tape has a non-stick surface and excellent aging resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and insulation properties. It is widely used in navigation, construction, mechanical chemical industry, water pipe, aerospace and other fields, especially the drainage system. It also can be used in a variety of chemical corrosive medium, strong oxidant and oxygen, gas pipeline for a long time.





1. In the selection of ptfe plumbers tape products, we mainly focus on the following key technical indicators:Heat resistance, cold resistance, high pressure resistance, tensile strength, anti-pressure.


2. Although these data are not marked on the package, we can still detect whether the quality of the teflon thread tape is firm and reliable through simple eye observation, touch and stretching.


3. Eye view: you can pull the ptfe teflon tape with eye observation, good quality expert will know at a glance. As for good teflon adhesive tape, first of all, its texture must be very uniform, and it has pure color, smooth surface without texture, no impurities.  


4. Hand touch: you can touch the surface of the plumbing ptfe tape with your finger. Good quality ptfe tape is smooth with a strong sense of silkiness and no stickiness.

5. Hand pull: you should gently lengthwise stretch, the tape surface is not easy to deform and fracture; Lateral stretch width, it can withstand at least 3 times more than its stretch width.


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In line with the above 3 requirements of the ptfe tape, then the quality of this product is qualified.


Finally, the most important thing is to check the sealing waterproof effect of the sealing tape. Wrap the ptfe sealing tape evenly around the thread mouth, tighten the interface, connect the water pipe and unscrew the valve, let the water pass through the thread mouth and pay attention to whether the water drops leak out. Generally good pipe sealing tape, only need to be wound about 15 laps in the threaded pipe to achieve a good sealing effect.


After you have read the above steps, you will know how to select quality ptfe sealing tape. If you want to save the selecting time, you can directly visit our ptfe sealing products. Our products have obtained UL, CE, WRAS, RoHS with high quality. We are not the biggest one, but the best partner you need.