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How to Use Plumber Thread Tape?

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The use of pipe thread tape is a common standard practice in piping systems. Choosing a high quality sealant will help you a lot especially save maintenance costs.


Using high quality pipe thread sealants has many benefits, from leakage prevention to easy pipe deconstruction. By the end of this article, you'll know how to use a ptfe pipe thread sealant to get the best connection.



How to use?

Pipe thread sealing tape is a reliable method of ensuring a very strong seal between pipe thread connections, allowing no fluid or gas to escape.


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Pipe thread dope can be used to seal metal tapered pipe threads and fittings for use in chemical processing, water plumber, petroleum refining, pulp/paper, waste disposal, textile and utility pipelines.


Anaerobic pipe thread sealant and PTFE thread sealant are the two most commonly used methods of sealing pipe threads.


When you use plumbing pipe tape, you need to apply it to the pipe. Please tightly wrap the outer thread along the thread direction. When the thread is fully covered, you must cut the tape and press the wire head firmly. And when using tape, you need to check for signs of leakage. If the piping must be repositioned or the butted parts reassembled, the old tape needs to be removed and you need to apply a new tape.


There is an important thing is that you can not use teflon pipe thread tape on hydraulic lines as tape fragments and debris can clog the hydraulic filter system.

If you want to use anaerobic pipe thread sealant, you should check whether all grease, oil and surface contaminants have been removed from both mating surfaces, then you just need apply simply the anaerobic pipe sealant to the metal pipe. The anaerobic paste must be smoothly coated on the mating surface and the parts need to be assembled. The treatment intensity will be achieved within 10 minutes to 1 hour.




High-Quality Pipe Thread Sealant

When you want to use pipe thread sealants, you need to choose a high quality pipe sealant. High quality products can prevent many leakage problems and provide additional strength to piping structures.


High quality sealants are easy to use, have the advantages of low cost and can be used quickly. When you compare the cost of replacing a broken or leaking pipe to the smaller cost of a high-quality sealant, this is a well worth the investment.


With high quality pipe thread sealants, if you need to move anything, you can easily deconstruct the pipe by simply removing the sealant. If you do not use a pipe thread sealant, the pipes may rust and cannot be disassembled, which means you will have to replace the entire piping system.


Where to buy?

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