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How to Use Thread Sealant Tape Correctly?

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Thread sealant tape is common in all kinds of plumber. Pipe fitting tape are used in many industries because there are different tape sealants for specific applications. If you need tape specifically for stainless steel fittings, use tape. Tape sealant is simple to use, but like most things, it can put pressure on you and put pressure on accessories if used incorrectly. It is simple to use pipe tape sealant, but if used incorrectly, it can also cause stress and stress on your accessories.


What’s ptfe tape?

Polytetrafluoroethylene is short for polytetrafluoroethylene. Because ptfe sealant tape is waterproof, neither water nor water-containing liquids can make the tape wet, and it is unlikely to rub against other solids.


Common ptfe tape

Because they are resistant to corrosion and acid, common PTFE tapes are primarily used for water system connections, both potable and non-potable. Standard PTFE tape is also suitable for high pressure pipeline applications and can be used with most chemicals.



Special ptfe tape

The major difference between standard PTFE tape and special PTFE tape is that the special tape has a color that is specific for various application which makes it easy to ensure that you get the right tape for application. Compare with common ptfe tape, special PTFE tape is also much thicker.


White high density ptfe tape

It can be used in all industrial applications. It contains no pigments or additives and is suitable for all applications, including water, oil and food processing.


Pink plumber tape

Actually, the pink plumber tape is most common in plumber and pipe. Due to its pink color, people can easily signify that it has heavier duty than ordinary pipe sealant.


Yellow gas tape

Yellow sealing tape can be used for gas lines, propane, butane lines and other lines. It can meet all kinds of gas application.


Green sealing tape

This sealing tape is suitable for oxygen application especially oxygen lines. Although it is grease free, it does not support combustion.


Gray ptfe tape

The grey stainless steel tape has been added with nickel pigment, which ensures that it fits with all stainless steel fittings. The tape can prevent wear and jamming.




Wrapping Tips

Firstly, you should wrap the tape in the direction of thread. At most cases, you just need to use 2-3 wraps of tape, for thinner tape, you can use 4-5 wraps.You must make sure to wrap from the end of the fitting and cover the end to prevent the wire from getting stuck. For the joint assembly, you should tighten the threaded joint for 1-2 turns without finger tightening and you should be careful not to overtighten.


Knowing how to properly wind PTFE tape can help you installation easily. Having specific tape sealants with different colors for different applications will make it easier.