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How to properly use the sealing tape to alleviate the wear problem of stainless steel accessories?

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Stainless steel fittings have many ideal properties, but a common problem is that they tend to get stuck or scratched during assembly or disassembly. This is due to the cold welding of residual high-purity oxide-free metal when the surface rubs against each other to cause the oxide film to fall off, especially when threading matching parts of the same grade and surface hardness.


Due to the extremely high hardness of stainless steel and the problems associated with wear, the sealing of stainless steel threaded connections is more challenging than the use of brass and/or bronze alloy fittings. Special tape and thread sealant type will help you reduce the friction problems encountered in the first use of stainless steel accessories and accessories, hope it will help you.


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Application of sealing tape in stainless steel accessories

Special tape and thread sealant must be used to prevent the threads from being worn or stuck due to oxidation. The combination of the two is a reliable leak-proof connection technology.


1. Grey stainless steel PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) thread sealing tape

For many years, Teflon® tape has been a fixture in many toolboxes. It is still a very reliable thread sealing solution for water systems and many other pipe applications.

Sealing the NPT threaded connection requires a specially formulated tape, the color is gray, and nickel pigment is added to all stainless steel fittings. It is specially designed to prevent scratches, jams and corrosion. The high-density grade of high-quality tape makes this tape an excellent product for sealing thick stainless steel pipe threads.



2. Grey magic pipe thread glue

This thread compound is a general-purpose, non-seizing industrial-grade thread sealing compound that can produce leak-proof seals on all types of plastics and metals (including stainless steel threaded connections with excellent anti-bite properties).

This slow-drying, soft-sinking, non-hardening pipe thread compound is lead-free, non-toxic, and is used to seal threads on all types of metals. It is an ideal choice for stainless steel threads that are difficult to seal, but it can also be used to seal plastic pipe fittings, including ABS, PVC, CPVC, Poly and Nylon.


57-2-high-strength EPTFE sealing tape

Precautions for use

Wear gloves and protect your eyes.

Remove dirt, grease, excess oil or any foreign matter on the threads.

Please stir well before use.

Brush a lot on the external thread.

Form the joints in the normal way.

Note: Please store in a cool, well-ventilated place. Keep container tightly closed.


To ensure a leak-proof connection between stainless steel, we strongly recommend that the installer first wrap the pipe threads with two or more thicknesses of gray stainless steel PTFE thread sealing tape, and then coat the tape with gray magic pipe thread compound. For large diameter stainless steel pipes of 4" and above, this is a necessary practice. Facts have proved that this method is very effective in preventing leakage of stainless steel threaded connections of various sizes!