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How to wrap PTFE tape to prevent water leakage?

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PTFE tape is often used during renovation or construction, primarily as an insulator and to prevent leaks. How can a PTFE tape be wrapped to prevent leaks? About the specific winding method, we need to know more about some of the small common sense.



How to wrap PTFE tape to prevent water leakage?


PTFE tape needs to be wound along the thread direction, which greatly reduces the sealing performance. Do not wrap all the threads with PTFE tape, which will not only prevent the raw material from entering the pipe, but also reduce the sealing performance. It is suggested to start winding from the second thread at the beginning of the thread to leave the first thread out. When winding the PTFE tape, you need to use a little force to ensure that the PTFE tape will not be broken. Only in this way can the PTFE tape be tight and firm enough to ensure the tightness.


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What should be paid attention to when purchasing plastic water pipes?


1. At present, there are many kinds of plastic water pipes on the market, and the use of different materials of water pipes is different. Therefore, the owners should pay attention to the non mixing of pipes of different materials when purchasing plastic water pipes, such as drinking water pipes can not be used for heating pipes.


2. When choosing plastic water pipe, we need to know the characteristics and connection mode of such water pipes. Because the connection methods of different materials will be different, in order to avoid the occurrence of Wulong situation, it is suggested to determine the general scheme first, so as to ensure the construction quality.


3. Nowadays, in the age of network information, young people like to shop online, because they can save time and energy and will be cheaper than physical stores. In fact, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of water pipes online and may not get good after-sales service.



4. There are various brands, various specifications and materials of plastic water pipes on the market. When choosing, the owner needs to choose the pipe suitable for size according to the actual situation, because too small will affect the use, too big and unnecessary, and waste money.

How to wrap PTFE tape to prevent water leakage? PTFE tape mainly plays the role of isolation and waterproof, and also can prevent water leakage. The winding method can be carried out according to the above methods, so that the operation can be better.


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