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The Applications of the PTFE in the Battery

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Electronic technology has a rapid development speed in today's life. In all electronic applications, the most important thing is the battery. When we use some electronic devices, we will pay attention to the service life and performance of the battery. Moreover, the resale value of many electronic devices has a great relationship with the performance of the battery. Because PTFE has good electrical properties, teflon tape plays a great role in batteries.



Electrical properties of PTFE


Teflon has low dielectric constant and dielectric loss in a wide frequency range, and high breakdown voltage, volume resistivity and arc resistance. The breakdown voltage of 19mm color ptfe tape can reach 150 KV/mm, so PTFE film has very good insulation function. Teflon has a very high density, but its weight is very light, so even in the face of more and more strict manufacturing requirements, ptfe film manufacturer can do a good job. Many electronic devices are easily damaged or even decomposed after long-term use, but PTFE can not easily react with other chemicals, so it can stand the test of time. Moreover, plumbers ptfe tape has zero electrostatic discharge, so there will be no current passing through the surface of this material, which can ensure that there will be no current leakage in the battery. There are also many choices of PTFE to choose from, and people can choose to skived PTFE films and Expanded ePTFE films according to specific requirements.




Applications of PTFE in batteries


1. The anti-acid explosion-proof cap of anti-acid explosion-proof battery, which dilutes PTFE emulsion ten times with water, then immerses the anti-acid explosion-proof cap, takes it out and then dries it. PTFE film tapes hydrophobicity far exceeds that of silicone oil, which not only reduces the cost but also is safer.


2. The life of zinc electrode of alkaline storage battery is short due to the shedding and deformation of active substances during the charge and discharge cycle. However, after the addition of PTFE insulation tape, the life of zinc electrode is greatly prolonged due to the reduction of the displacement of active material particles.



3. In order to eliminate gas inside the lead-acid battery and use it hermetically, two methods are generally used, one is to use auxiliary electrodes, and the other is to use catalytic balls. Both of these methods need hydrophobic measures to prevent the catalyst from being submerged by acid. In a strong acid environment, only ptfe sealing film can maintain the hydrophobicity of the catalyst for a long time.


4. The process of fiberizing PTFE membrane is simple, and the ptfe film roll has good strength, strong hydrophobicity and good air permeability.


5. The tubular positive plate of lead-acid battery has a longer service life than the paste-coated positive plate, but it also has many disadvantages, such as large internal resistance, which is not suitable for high current density. The cost is high, and it is easy to produce dust during powder filling operation, which is not conducive to the health of producers. However, if a certain amount of PTFE emulsion is added to obtain a network structure composed of PTFE fibers, the active substances will be very firm and can withstand strong impact, and at the same time, the teflon tape electrical properties will not be affected much.