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What Are the Uses of PTFE?

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PTFE is the most commonly used solution for industrial coatings. Such coating products mainly include teflon pipe dope, teflon tape and pipe dope and pipe thread dope. There are many other uses of PTFE, which can provide feasible solutions to the problems faced by industry and households.


Thread Sealing/Plumber Tape


PTFE tape is often called thread sealing tape or plumbers tape for gas line. Waterproof PTFE tape is used by plumbers to help seal threads on pipes when connecting with threaded joints.


High-quality teflon tape is widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, laminating, sealing and heat sealing, electronic and electrical industries. The fabric-reinforced PTFE teflon tape has the characteristics of high strength and can be used in the drum of sizing machine, thermoplastic demoulding and other industries. It can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace.



Why is PTFE sealing tape a good choice in these situations? PTFE tape is used for plumbing joints for two reasons. One is to reduce the chance of leakage, and the other is to provide better lubrication for the threads of the joint.


PTFE tape for plumbing joints is pasted on the joints to help form a tighter seal on the threads. Hydrophobic PTFE can provide additional benefits for preventing water from passing through the seal.


PTFE has an extremely low coefficient of friction, which greatly reduces the surface friction on the joint. This makes it easier to tighten the joints.


Lubricant Spray, Gel & Oil


There are many types of PTFE lubricants. PTFE lubricants on the market provide lubrication for the surface and joints of the object. Specifically, PTFE with low surface friction can be widely used in door/window hinges and chains to reduce adhesion and improve performance. In addition to the low degree of friction, PTFE lubricants also play a role in radiation protection, will not change the color of the surface and reduce the accumulation of dirt and dust. After the lubricant is applied, it will form a layer of coating on the surface, which can prevent the degradation of equipment and parts.


Carpet Protection


High-efficiency PTFE spray can provide extra protection for the carpet to extend the life of the carpet. PTFE carpet spray forms a protective layer on the surface of the carpet. This mainly uses the hydrophobicity and antistatic properties of PTFE.



PTFE material has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low conflict coefficient and non-stickiness, wide temperature resistance and good elasticity. This makes it very suitable for the production of seals with high corrosion resistance requirements and applications with temperatures higher than 100°C, such as seals for machinery, heat exchangers, high-pressure vessels, large-diameter vessels, valves, and pump groove flanges.


PTFE film is the ideal insulation material for making capacitors, radio insulating gaskets, insulated cables, motors and transformers. It is also one of the important materials for industrial electronic components such as aerospace. The fluoroplastic film is highly permeable to oxygen but less permeable to water vapor, so that the oxygen sensor can be made.


In addition to the several uses mentioned above, PTFE with multiple properties is also widely used in other fields.