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What Is the Most Common PTFE Tape?

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The main PTFE tapes discussed by search engines are PTFE pipe thread tape or PTFE plumber tape. As a lubricating sealing belt, it is mainly used in pipes or ducts to prevent water and air leakage.


The PTFE thread sealing tape conforms to the pipe thread used as a "gap" filler. The non-stick characteristics of PTFE can also provide lubrication for the threads, so that it is easy to install when fixing the fasteners. PTFE thread sealing tape has a very high elongation, which can be stretched to nearly 50% of its initial flexibility, so that it can wrap and conform to threaded components.


PTFE, commonly known as teflon, is widely used in various fields and is a well-known fluoropolymer. The corrosion-resistant properties of PTFE have made PTFE the primary corrosion-resistant material for petroleum, chemical, textile and other occupations. PTFE has extremely high temperature resistance and chemical inertness. Fluoropolymers have become ideal coatings and are used in industries ranging from cookware to aerospace components. It is understood that PTFE can be used as a coating, and can also be used as a coating of different grades. High-insulation PTFE film is an ideal insulating material for making capacitors, radio insulating gaskets, insulated cables, motors and transformers, and it is also one of the most important materials for industrial electronic components such as aerospace. Such products mainly include PTFE low-density cable film, PTFE high-density cable film and PTFE wire and cable wrapping tape.



Different Characteristics of PTFE tape


There are many physics of PTFE tape. Different features provide different functions. High-performance PTFE tape can be used in packaging, electronics, manufacturing and aerospace industries.


The typical performance of PTFE tape has two main characteristics, one is elongation, and the other is tensile strength (in pounds per inch).


There are different types of PTFE tape, including skived PTFE tape, calendared PTFE tape, PTFE coated tape and laminated PTFE tape.


Skived PTFE is made of natural skived PTFE film, and its thickness is in the range of .0005" and .125". The advantages of calendered PTFE tape are smooth surface, fewer cutting lines and high thickness accuracy. PTFE coated tape has high viscosity. Compared with ordinary tapes, laminated PTFE tapes have higher flexibility and longer service life.


How PTFE Tapes Can Be Used in Applications?


PTFE has many functions, including non-stick release, high temperature resistance and dielectric strength. PTFE tape is often used for wrapping, insulation, separation or gap filling.


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Because PTFE material has the above characteristics, it has a wide range of uses. Usually we make PTFE plates, PTFE tubes, PTFE rods, PTFE films, and various special-shaped parts. It can also be formed by pushing or extrusion processing for high temperature wires. It can also be made into a film first and then slit into a shaft-mounted PTFE tape for the production of high-frequency cables. Or it can be directly made into water dispersion, then it can be used for coating, impregnation or making fiber. In addition, the non-stick pan we often see is made of PTFE non-stick material. All kinds of PTFE products have played a pivotal role in the national economic fields such as chemical industry, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, military industry, aerospace, light industry and textile, environmental protection and bridges.

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