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What are the common causes of low water pressure?

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Friends who live on the high floors don't know if they have had such an experience-while taking a bath, the water flow suddenly becomes small, and even the shampoo can't be washed clean. Or when they are busy washing the vegetables, the water is running out. This situation often occurs in the summer when the water consumption peaks. Then do you know the cause of low water pressure? 



Blocked water pipes in private areas

The tap water used in our homes is sent to residents' homes through long water pipelines and secondary water supply facilities. As the water pipes are used for a long time, the accumulation of dirt, sand and impurities over time, coupled with the corrosion of the pipe wall, will make the inner diameter of the pipe narrower and smaller. This is the main reason for the drop in water pressure. If the household pipeline has never been cleaned, it is more likely to be blocked. The accumulation of impurities and dirt pollutes the originally clean water and affects the health of the family. Be careful when cleaning the pipe, or you will need ptfe tape for pipe to solve the leakage.


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The municipal pipeline is blocked

If the water pressure in your home drops suddenly, you can call the utility company to get the corresponding information. Is it because there is a leakage of the main line near the community that affects the water pressure of your home? These failures will affect the water supply of nearby residents. Municipal water supply pipelines will also be blocked due to pipeline corrosion, accumulation of impurities, etc., which affects water pressure.



Hard water

Hardware pipelines at home, such as bathroom hardware, are most prone to blockage. Especially in areas with hard water quality, and the design of the water outlet is finer, it is difficult for the water to flow out after being blocked. When we talk about hard water, we mean that the water contains more magnesium and calcium ions. The accumulation of calcium and magnesium will cause blockage of the faucet, and failure to clean it in time will cause blockage of the pipeline. Eventually cause the water pressure to drop. The temporary solution is to use white vinegar to remove, and the fundamental solution is to invest in a water softener.



The valve of the water heater is not fully opened

If your water heater is repaired, then carefully check the main shut-off valve before use. The main shut-off valve is usually located near the water heater or outside near the water meter. It is used to control the water supply in your home. We cannot rule out that someone may have adjusted it during maintenance. Check to make sure it is fully opened.


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Pressure regulator failure

Another reason for the decrease in water pressure is that your pressure regulator is malfunctioning. A pressure regulator is a control valve that can regulate the flow of water through the piping system. You may have forgotten what you installed this device because you don't need it in normal times. After the pressure regulator fails, if the water pressure suddenly rises, the pipeline will be damaged. Then we need waterproof tape for leaking pipes to help us fix it. If the water pressure drops suddenly, it will affect your normal domestic water. We can easily test whether the pressure regulator is malfunctioning by connecting the water pressure gauge to the hose socket closest to the main line.


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