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What are the mistakes in using PTFE tape?

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PTFE tape is one of the most commonly used items in people’s daily life. It can be used for a wide range of purposes. For example, a broken tap can be repaired with a tape of raw material, although it can not be used to make the tap the same again, but it keeps it functional.


However, there are a lot of points to pay attention to how to wrap the PTFE tape. Many people don't give full play to the role of the PTFE tape when they use it. This is because they fall into the wrong use. Do you know what the wrong use of the PTFE tape is? 


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How to warp ptfe tape?

1. PTFE tape needs to be wound in the direction of the thread, and the sealing performance is greatly reduced.


2. Never wrap all threads with PTFE tape. In addition to preventing PTFE tape from entering the pipe, it also reduces sealing performance. It is recommended to wind the thread from the second thread at the beginning of the thread, leaving one thread out.


3. Wrap the PTFE tape with a bit of force to make sure the PTFE tape doesn’t break. This way the tape is tightly wrapped to ensure a tight seal. After PTFE tape is wrapped, once tightened, the filament is not allowed to be unwound (unwound) , otherwise it must be rewound.


What are the pitfalls of PTFE tape?

1. Many people wrap a PTFE tape three or five times and think it’s done, but it still leaks. The reason is less tangling.


2.  For things like hoses, the more you wrap around them, the more they leak. The reason is that the hose should not only be wound PTFE tape to solve, should be fundamentally solved, sometimes winding will have the opposite effect, the hose joint 3 cm or so can not bend, can not die bending, if the long-term stress state of the hose will be greatly reduced life.



3. People sometimes turn the screws as hard as they can without fear, and they are likely to break a screw or a pipe, all due to brute force, which is the root cause.


In fact, there are many advantages to prepare a PTFE tape at home. After all, we often encounter places that need to be repaired in our life. Although we don't meet them every day, we can prepare the PTFE tape in advance to prevent them from happening. When we encounter things, we don't need to ask others for help. We can solve them by ourselves, saving time and being convenient.


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