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What fields can PTFE be used in?

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In our daily life, the most common PTFE material is the coating on non-stick pan, which shows that ptfe extruded film tape has good hydrophobicity and stability. Besides being used as cooking utensils, this material is often used in pipes and other containers. Teflon material has great flexibility, so it can be used in different products in different industries. Perhaps you have heard of Teflon duct tape, which is often used in cylinders or linings of destructive synthetic mixtures, and can also be used to cover screws, etc., so that the service life of some small parts can be prolonged.



Products made of PTFE:


1. Lined pipe. If ptfe sealing film roll is used in the inner pipe and similar fittings, it can help the pipeline to prolong its service life and avoid the outflow of some gases or substances. Because PTFE has very good chemical resistance, even some corrosive chemical liquids can't destroy the PTFE lining.


2. Pipe fittings. The use of PTFE insulation tape in pipe fittings can improve the use efficiency of these fittings. Many pipes are used to transport some highly dangerous substances. As long as the pipe fittings are used all the time, PTFE will always exist.



3. Valves. There are different degrees of corrosion risks in many industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paper-making and metallurgical industries, etc. These industries sometimes choose high-grade alloys as valves, but PTFE-lined valves with unsintered extruded PTFE film are a more economical choice.



Applications of PTFE in different industries:


1. Petrochemical industry. Teflon is the best choice in many gaskets, tank linings, pump interiors, gaskets, dip pipes and drilling parts, because unsintered PTFE film is easy to degrade and has good chemical inertness and can withstand the test of corrosion and high temperature.


2. Electrical applications. Unsintered PTFE TAPE for cable is widely used in the insulation of wire and cable. All the applications of PTFE in this field take advantage of its excellent dielectric properties, and some applications take advantage of the wide temperature resistance of PTFE besides dielectric properties, because some wires and cables should be used in a wide temperature range, especially to adapt to high temperatures, and the wires and cables applied in the aerospace field are typical examples. Some cables should be used in chemical corrosive environment, or the properties of insulation medium should not change with time. Unsintered PTFE film for wire can meet these demanding requirements well.



3. Mechanical applications. PTFE is widely used in the field of mechanical bearings because of its extremely low friction coefficient and solid lubricity. ptfe tape manufacturer can mix PTFE with graphite, copper powder or other fillers to reduce creep and improve wear resistance. It can be made into bearings without lubrication by molding or secondary machining. Because the static friction coefficient of cable wrapping film is lower than its dynamic friction coefficient, PTFE bearings will not have to overcome the high static friction coefficient before moving, resulting in stick-slip phenomenon.


4. Semiconductor industry. In the manufacturing process of semiconductors, there are high requirements for the manufacturing process, and PTFE cable wrape tape can meet such requirements to a certain extent. The development of many semiconductor fields can not be separated from the application of PTFE, and the performance of PTFE can solve many problems in practical application, such as avoiding the pollution of cleaning agents to semiconductor components, ensuring the quality of finished products, realizing the use of components under specific environmental conditions and prolonging the service life of components.

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