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What is ptfe sealing tape?

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Plumber's tape (usually called teflon tape, polytetrafluoroethylene tape or PTFE), it can help you get a watertight seal on threaded pipe joints. It is recommended to use pipe sealant tape or ptfe tape for most threaded connections without built-in rubber seals. It also helps lubricate the connection, make the threads smoother, and help prevent pipe sticking when you want to remove the joint. Plumber's tape is easy to use, but there are correct and wrong ways to stick it. Let's take a look at how to use ptfe sealing tape correctly.



How to use plumber's tape

The trick to placing plumber's tape correctly is to wrap it around the pipe in the correct direction. When the pipe is turned into a joint, the friction of the mating thread should be able to tighten the belt around the pipe, rather than leaning on the pipe and causing the belt to unravel or clump. Therefore, you wrap the tape on the pipe in the opposite direction to the pipe becoming a joint. The basic steps are as follows:


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1. Clean the external thread at the end of the pipe with a clean cloth. Place the end of plumber's tape on the second thread at the end of the pipe and secure it in place with your fingers or thumb. The tape should lie flat on the threads and extend perpendicular to the length of the pipe.


2. Begin to wrap the tape around the pipe in a direction opposite to the direction of pipe rotation.Maintain the tension on the tape so that it wraps tightly around the pipe. Move away from the end of the pipe and overlap the tape as you travel.


3. Complete four to six windings around the pipe, ending near the end of the thread (opposite the end of the pipe). Grip the tape with your thumb and index finger and pull it violently to break the tape from the roll; it breaks easily. Make the loose end down and level down the thread. You are now ready to insert the pipe into the fitting. 


22-2-pipe thread sealant


Application areas of plumbing tape

If you are familiar with the use of pipe joint compound (also called pipe coating), you can use plumber's tape instead in the same application. It can be used for all standard metal pipe materials as well as rigid plastic pipes. Common places where hose straps are used include:


Shower arm

Shower head

Threaded bathtub spout

Pipe to connection connector

Pipe to valve connector

Plumber's tape can also be used for certain gas pipeline connections, but this requires a special type of plumber's tape, usually yellow, suitable for gas pipelines.


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