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What is the correct wrapping method for PTFE tape?

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Too many people wind up with the wrong waterproof tape. As a result, the waterproof effect is not so good. There are many places in the home to use waterproof ptfe tape, such as water pipe transfer place ah, faucet interface place. Today we are going to learn the correct way to wrap waterproof ptfe tape. 


The general water pipe interface is divided into plastic water pipe, and metal water pipe, no matter what kind of material, when connecting the water pipe, we need to use waterproof PTFE tape. The general waterproof PTFE tape with a lot of colors, we used in daily life is the most white.



The wrong way:

Ordinary people will parallel unfold waterproof PTFE tape and wind it around the mouth of the tube. Many people think that as long as a few more rounds of winding, it will achieve a good sealing effect. Although such tile-spread winding is the most common method, it has a remarkably short waterproof life. Under the pressure of the water inside the pipe, it is particularly easy to leak for a long time.



Correct methods

1. Twist the PTFE tape into a small rope.

PTFE tape is usually in the shape of small strips. When it is often used in daily life, it is spread out on the screw mouth. Constant winding, in fact, this method does not have much resistance, can be very easy to leak. The correct way is to take the waterproof raw material first and twist it into a small rope shape.


2. Wrap the first three loops in this rope shape.

In fact, there are many points that need to be paid attention to in the use of waterproof PTFE tape, which the plumber who is a little bit of experience knows. When we wound the waterproof PTFE tape, the first three laps should be overlapped and wound with this twisted rope. When using this method of winding, we will find that after these three circles down, the waterproof ptfe tape has been bulged out.



3. The last three laps should be flat.

In the winding process of waterproof PTFE tape, we need to spread out the waterproof raw material tape for the last three laps, and wrap it tightly with the three layers of plastic bags just folded. Eventually he was shaped into a convex waterproof PTFE tape. Because waterproof PTFE tape has a certain flexibility, it can be flattened by extrusion.


Using the right method can make your home waterproof effect better, and the life of waterproof tape will be longer, will also help you save time and cost.


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