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What is the market prospect of Eptfe film?

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Actually, the market of PTFE unsintered film becomes larger and larger and it can be applied in many fields. First of all, let's understand the characteristics of eptfe film. 


1. Air permeability: the pore diameter of the micropore is more than 700 times of water vapor, and micro-pore structure eptfe film allows air to pass smoothly, which can effectively dissipate heat, prevent fogging on the inner wall of the product, and balance the air pressure inside and outside the space.


2. Dustproof: The microporous channels are formed into a three-dimensional network structure in the membrane, and the uniform and dense micropores are distributed, so as to achieves an effective dustproof effect. The smallest particles can be captured at 0.1 micron.


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3. Corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc.


4. Anti-UV.


5. Thin and light, with good concealment, it brings convenience to design and production, and is the most ideal waterproof and breathable product.


6. Installation: easy to install, can be assembled manually or automatically.




1. It can be used as HEPA in the air purifier which is especially suitable for the synthesis of air purification equipment where dust is collected in places with corrosive gas.


2. It can be used in electronic products such as gas detectors, batteries, hearing aids, cameras, digital cameras, sensors, underwater equipment and testing instruments. This product made of expanded ptfe membrane has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high water pressure resistance, stable and good air permeability, excellent flexibility, high mechanical strength, etc., especially suitable for the air permeability and protection of tubular electronic components.


3. Medical function. Expanded PTFE is a new type of medical polymer material, made of PTFE resin by special processing methods such as stretching. The white ptfe film is elastic and flexible, and has a network structure formed by connecting fine fibers. These fine fibers form countless pores, so that the high density expanded PTFE can be bent arbitrarily. Micro-pore structure PTFE film has good blood compatibility, is resistant to biological aging, and is used to manufacture medical products such as artificial blood vessels and heart patches.


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4. The e-PTFE microporous membrane is mainly used in automobile oxygen sensors. The ePTFE vent tube has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, high water pressure resistance, stable and good air permeability, excellent flexibility, and high mechanical strength. It is especially suitable for the ventilation and non-protection of tubular electronic components such as oxygen sensors.


Foreverseal has two kinds of extruded ptfe film: low density PTFE film and high density PTFE films. Low density PTFE film & tape produce micropore through stretch and under a certain specific and tightly controlled conditions to achieve low dielectric constant and high tensile strength for high frequency microwave coaxial cable applications in data transfer,militarty and medical field. But high density PTFE films/tapes provide superior electrical and chemical of the standard serious. It’s recommended for heating cables,aircraft and automotive cable in highly critical military,aerospace and high demand industrial.