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What’s the Function of Thread Sealants?

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Thread sealant is a common thing for plumbers. Actually it is necessary to prepare a kind of thread sealant at home which may play its role a lot. Today, we will talk about it which may make you learn about it and help you use it correctly.  



What is thread sealants?

Pipe thread seal tape can be applied in plumbing sealing which prevent water leakage and gas leakage. It is common in water plumber, oil or gas plumber, especially thread pipe. Thread sealants normally have two types: ptfe teflon tape, thread compound. Firstly, let us learn the differences between them.


Teflon tape

Thflon thread tape can also be call ptfe sealing tape, plumber thread tape,thread seal tape. It has many types such as red ptfe tape, silver plumbers tape, yellow teflon tape, white thread tape etc. Actually, Teflon is a brand name. Almost every plumber will have a plumbers joint tape at least. Here it is recommended to buy pipe connection sealant manufactured by Forever. But teflon tape are not appropriate for any connections.  


28-2-pipe thread sealing tape

Pipe thread compound

Thread adhesive is the pasted version of thread sealing tape. It's very easy to use. When you are using pipe thread compound, you must be focused, because it is quite easily overused.



The main purpose of thread sealants is to seal the pipe, it can seal all voids. Besides, it can lubricate the threaded joints and make it connect tightly. It even can prevent thread joints from rusting and allows for an easier removal of threaded fittings.


Where to use?


Ptfe tape

The location of thread sealing tape is largely dependent on individual circumstances. Threaded sealing tape can be used on threaded joints that must be airtight or waterproof


Thread compound


Thread sealing tape and thread compound can be use interchangeably in most cases accept for flare joints. It is better to seal flare joints with thread compound.




How to install?


Ptfe tape

When you wrap a thread with a threaded seal tape, start with the second or third thread. You need the threads to be wound clockwise three times so that the tape does not untie when you screw things together.



Thread compound

You only need to install the pipe thread compound on the first and second threads of the outer thread to prevent it from entering the pipe. If it is rubbed into the connection, the compound will be forced into the duct. It is banned to use excessive thread compound.


Where to buy?

If you want to but thread sealants on the website, you can view our website. Founded in 2009, Foreverseal is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality PTFE tape. We are not the biggest one, but the best partner you need.  We have a team of qualified engineers and employees so that we can provide high quality products for our every client.