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Why is PTFE tape the most practical tape?

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PTFE pipe thread tape" or "plumber tape" is the most common PTFE tape, mainly used for pipes or conduits as a lubricating sealing tape to prevent water and air leakage. PTFE thread sealing tape is used as a "gap" filler. The thread of the pipe matches the thread, and the non-stick PTFE characteristics provide lubrication for the thread, so that it is easy to install when fixing the fastener. Let's explore why PTFE tape is the most practical tape.



Features of PTFE thread sealing tape

If you use this PTFE tape, you have seen how far the threaded tape can stretch before it breaks, but do you want to know why? This is because PTFE thread sealing tape exhibits extremely high "elongation". PTFE thread sealing tape can be stretched to nearly 50% of its initial flexibility, so that the tape can wrap and conform to threaded components. Most plumbing "DIY" companies recommend using scissors to cut tape instead of stretching or pulling the tape until it breaks. Among all types of PTFE tape, PTFE thread sealing tape has the highest consistency. Almost all types of PTFE tapes have elongation properties to improve fit, especially in packaging applications.



The friction coefficient of ptfe pipe thread tape is extremely small, only 1/5 of polyethylene, which is an important feature of perfluorocarbon surface. In addition, because the fluorine-carbon chain intermolecular forces are extremely low, PTFE is non-sticky. Polytetrafluoroethylene maintains excellent mechanical properties in a wide temperature range of -196 to 260°C. One of the characteristics of perfluorocarbon polymers is that they are not brittle at low temperatures.



What is PTFE

PTFE (also known as polytetrafluoroethylene) is a well-known fluoropolymer in various industries under the trade name "Teflon" by Chemours. Many of us can associate Teflon™ with cookware because of their non-stick release characteristics, so the most well-known are PTFE coated pans.


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It is controversial that it can be said that the PTFE coating on non-stick cookware was developed to replace or limit the demand for fatty cooking oil that affects our cholesterol. PTFE is an ultra-smooth fluoropolymer with extremely high temperature resistance and is chemically inert. These fluoropolymers have become ideal coatings for many applications in industries ranging from cookware to aerospace components.


PTFE is used not only as a coating, but also as a coating. It can also be manufactured in different grades. When used in combination with other additive properties, it can be made into "modified PTFE" or in different forms (such as molded parts, solid thick sheets, thin films, rods, strips, and adhesive tapes). It can also be combined with different polymers to make high-performance products.


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